Loan Officer Training

Implementing programs that produce for your credit union is as simple as starting with an effective—and easy!—loan officer training program. The Tom Gray method features a no-stress system that enables you to realize immediate results in the form of increased fee income—guaranteed!

Loan officers typically aren’t salespeople; and they don’t have to be! Aggressive, high-pressure sales techniques are as unwelcome to your members as they probably are to you and your officers. But failing to offer your members the opportunity to add value to their investment is doing them a disservice. They should be offered the option of adding additional products to their loan in order to protect themselves—a value that many recognize and appreciate as very worthwhile.

The key lies in using techniques that allow your members to make an informed choice that will benefit them, rather than aggressively pushing them toward an unwanted additional purchase. Tom Gray’s methodology relies on understanding consumer behavior and motivation; he teaches a process so simple that virtually anyone can be comfortable—and successful—utilizing it, even if they have had no sales experience of any kind.

The process teaches your loan officers to simply offer 100% of your products to 100% of your members, 100% of the time—while maintaining a comfortable “non-sales” environment that both officer and member can enjoy.

All it takes is a short “no-pressure” conversation with the member to achieve amazingly successful results in increasing your profit while protecting their loan. The process usually takes less than a minute, and the consequence is a win-win situation for everyone involved!

Contact us today about this training program that can make a huge difference to your bottom line.  Also, be sure to inquire about our painless, risk-free, no-cost option.