“THANKS, Tom, for taking time to visit each of our branches and for the personalized one-on-one refresher loan officer training! We saw immediate results! Quotes are up dramatically and sales have increased from 5% Warranties sold to auto loans to 16% sold!! What an improvement!” THANKS for pushing us!

I have really enjoyed working with Tom. His product is outstanding; second to none but his unique loan officer training program and dedication to his clients is what really sets him and Route 66 Extended Warranty apart from the rest. I can always count on Tom to help with any questions that might arise and he is always willing to go the extra mile for his clients.

Tom Gray Solutions has the “total package”! Our loan officers have always been reluctant to offer our members the opportunity to add an extended warranty to their loan due to the cumbersome system in achieving a quote. After seeing what Route 66 Extended Warranty has to offer, they are now eager to provide everyone with a quote. Also, I have never witnessed the excitement level that our team had during and after your training as well as a significant increase in all of our products penetration. Thanks Tom!

Tom provides more value to us than a typical vendor. He has gotten involved in training our MSR’s on how to successfully present our protection products to our members and overcome any objections they may have. The live presentations with the members, when requested, has been an added benefit that our MSR’s can witness in a real sales setting. I highly recommend Tom.